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Sorry I’ve Been AWOL – I Was Busy Being Waterboarded by the IRS

Posted by Kelly on June 16, 2013

But seriously, I’M BACK! Sure, it’s 2½ months into the season, but better late than never, right?

Let’s jump right into the middle of the pool. The Sox are currently 42-29, leading the AL East and tied with Oakland for the best record in the American League. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we just dropped 3 out of 4 to Baltimore, and as one would expect, pitching was the problem. As I wrote Friday on the TRSF channel on BBM (more about this when it’s out of Beta!), of our three weekend starters (Ryan Dempster, John Lackey, and Jon Lester) I was least confident in Lester. He’s been inconsistent and unable to go deep into games. Sorry, but you can’t keep throwing 100+ pitches in five innings.

I didn’t actually watch today’s game—I spent the afternoon (Father’s Day!) watching the US Open with Dad. But a quick perusal of the box score suggests that I was right to feel squeamish about Lester. Five earned runs on 106 pitches in 5 innings isn’t what we should be getting from our #1 starter.

Tomorrow is an off day. Next up: the Rays for 2 on Tuesday at Fenway.


One Response to “Sorry I’ve Been AWOL – I Was Busy Being Waterboarded by the IRS”

  1. Viola S. Jefferson said

    Makes one nostalgic for the “Spahn and Sain, pray for rain,” days (circa 1948)

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